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Scenic Transfers in Sicily

Enjoy your Scenic Transfers in Sicily.

Enjoy your Scenic Transfers in Sicily. - Taxi Taormina & Sicily Tours

 Dear Guest, Let me suggest to use our Private Transfer as the ideal way to enjoy a leisurely Journey in Sicily, from Taormina to all places in Sicily and vice versa or any destination you would like. This journey will give you a choice to have two services in one day, will be our pleasure to show you our Island and to introduce you in our history, uses and customs, to show our majestic landscape and to stop where it's possible in view points for photos. Take in advantage with our Transfer with English or Spanish speaking Driver who will make sure to let you enjoy an leisurely travel. 



To booking your Scenic Transfer contact us by email  mirabileroberto@gmail.com  or calling at my cell Phone: +39.346.5810872 

°°° Here Below a few Suggestions foe Scenic Transfers, times are merely indicative, we'll customize at your individual needs.  


 Private Scenic Transfer from Taormina to Palermo and Vice Versa.

1°) Transfer from Taormina to Palermo via Piazza Armerina for a visit to the Roman Ancient Mosaic into Villa del casale . Pick up 08.30AM: from your stay, we will drive towards Piazza Armerina to can be there at 10.30AM. here we stop for 2 hours to visit The Ancient Roman Mosaic,  at 12.30PM. on request before the transfer to Palermo I suggest where you can enjoy a light lunch, at 13.30PM. we start a Transfer to Palermo. we will arrive at 15.30PM. and leave you at your Hotel in Palermo. Duration 8 Hours. 

2°) Transfer from Palermo to Taormina via  Greek temple valley in Agrigento. Pick up at 09AM. from your stay, we start a drive towards Agrigento, where we can arrive at 11.00AM. In Agrigento stop for visit Greek temples, ( 2 hours) on request we can stop for your light lunch,  then at 15PM. we will drive to Taormina, where we can be at 18.00PM. to leave you at your Hotel. Duration 9 Hours.

3°)  Transfer from Taormina to Palermo via the Greek temple Valley In Agrigento. Pick up 08.00AM. from your stay, we can be in Agrigento at 11.00AM. here 2 hours to visit temples, more 1 hour for your light lunch, then approx. 14.00PM. we drive towards Palermo where we can arrive at 17.00PM. to leave you at your stay in Palermo. Duration 9 hours.

 Private scenic Transfer  from Taormina to Syracuse and Vice Versa.

1°) Transfer from Taormina to Syracuse via  Mt. Etna Vocano. Pick up 09.00AM. from your stay to can be in Zafferana town at 10AM. visit to the center and after this we drive to reach 2000mt. alt. to visit the 4 Silvestri Craters of Mt. Etna, on the way will show yoy many oldest lava flow then approx. 12.30PM. we down from the Volcano froma different route to show you more about the oldest eruption of 1669 and the 2001, the first distryed Catania, the second was close to do again after this follow our journey direction Syracuse by motor way to can be at your place approx. 15.30PM.  

2°) Transfer from Taormina to Syracuse via the Sicilian Baroque in Noto, Modica & Ragusa Ibla. Pick up at 09am. in Taormina on leisurely jorurney to Ragusa Ibla will enjoy a fantastic Sicilian Landscape, at 11am. we start a visit of the historical centre, after this at 12.30pm. we will drive to the nearby Modica 13pm. visit plus a delightful Chocalate tasting at 14.30pm. accordingly drive to enjoy the historical centre of Noto, we will start a visit approx. at 15.30pm. afterwards all this transfer to Syracuse to leave you at your destination approx. 18pm.   

3°) Transfer from Syracuse to Taormina; Visit Catania Baroque centre and Mt. Etna - - pick up at 09.30am. we drive towards the Historical Baroque centre of Catania, visit start at 10.30am. then at 11.30am. we'll enjoy a leisurely journey to climbing from south/west side to Mt. Etna, will enjoy lava flow of last big eruption 2001. after visit to Silvastri craters to Refuge Sapienza approx 13.30 we drive down from other side to reach Taormina where we will be 15pm.   

Private scenic Transfer from Catania Airport to Taormina and Vice Versa.

1°) Transfer from Taormina to Catania Airport - on the way we'll drive you up to Mt. Etna.

We'll make a upon evaluation of your departing flight to suggest you itineraries and duration time. ( usual duration 4/6 hours.)

Start from Taormina - drive to visit; Zafferana - Local Farm honey's - Lava Flow 1992-2001 - Silvestri Craters - Refuge Sapienza. We'll go down from Nicolosi a different street to reach Catania Airport.

Private scenic Transfer from Taormina to Agrigento and Vice Versa.

1°) Transfer from Taormina to Agrigento: Pick up at 08.30am. On the way we can visit Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina.  We will arrive in Armerina approx. 10.30AM. on our drive down towards Piazza Armerina we will enjoy different Sicilian Landscape. to visit the Roman Mosaic require 2 good hours. approx. 12.30pm. on request we can stop for a typical Sicilian Lunch, afterwards 13.30pm. After this we followinf the transfer towards Agrigento where we can be approx. 15.30PM. approx. 



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